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Our Company

What We are About

Thrive is an online corporation that offers unique monthly rentals as well as vacation rentals. We have a total of 8 locations, with all different living styles, so you have a variety of vacation spots to choose from. Our house prices are low, starting at $100 per night (Maine), and $900 per month (Michigan). The purpose of our business is to have our customers Thrive Big and Live Tiny.

Our Team


Our team is based in Flint, Michigan. We  provide eleven locations all around the united states, ranging from Maine to Hawaii.


Satisfied Clients

Our experiences


I lived in the tropical tiny house for one year. I couldn't put how happy I was living there into words. I enjoyed it a lot and decided to work for thrive.

Dakota Johnson

I lived in the jade tiny house in Alaska for a year. one of the best experiences I've ever had. I had so much fun and there was so many activities to do. I loved it so much I am now an employee here at thrive.

Carson Conn

I lived in the Vintage Tiny house in Los Angeles for two years. I could not have been more satisfied. My time spent there was well worth it and the prices were so great I wanted to be hired by thrive.

Jack Kenney

I lived in the Mountain tiny house in Colorado for 8 months. It is impossible to sum up my experience in a word it left me feeling like a greater person.

Brysen Heath

Contact us at with any concerns or questions.

2413 West Maple Avenue Flint, MI 48507

(810) 244-1242

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  • $250/night, $1500/mo

  • $120/night, $900/mo

  • $130/night,$1000/mo

  • $170/night,$1200/mo

  • $150/ night,$1200/mo

  • $200/ night,$1500/mo

  • $300/night,$1,800/mo

  • $100/night,$920/mo
Las Vegas, NV
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